Roundish-shaped matchbooks

The roundish shape of these matchbooks is just a little bit larger than a regular-sized matchbook.

Clock-Tower matchbook

Cheerio matchbook

Francisco-Grande matchbook

Gold-Coin matchbook

Greely-Country-Club matchbook

Joe's matchbook

Logger's-Landing matchbook

Spaghetti-Company matchbook

The-Dove matchbook

Turn-of-the-Century-black matchbook

Turn-of-the-Century matchbook

Wein-Keller matchbook

And my favorite roundish-shaped matchbook:

Hogate's matchbook

German matchbooks

Here are a bunch of matchbooks from Germany.  Most of them are just a little bit larger than your regular matchbook, and have wooden matches.

BayWa matchbook

Buddy's-Pub matchbook

Cafe-Fauth matchbook

Gauloises matchbook

Hans-Bohrk-Shell matchbook

Happy-Night matchbook

Holiday-Inn-Zurich matchbook

Hotel-Bremen matchbook

Hotel-Vier-Jahreszeiten matchbook

Intercontinental-Frankfurt matchbook

Le-Mans matchbook

Mareg-Batterien matchbook

Oberbayern matchbook

Pizzeria-Gregorio matchbook

Royal-Hotel-Stuttgart matchbook

Stadthof-Chur matchbook

Steigenberger-Airport-Hotel matchbook

Waldlust-Tombach matchbook

Weinerwald matchbook

Willson matchbook

Wurttembergische-2 matchbook

Wurttembergische matchbook

And my favorite of the post:

Bei-James matchbook

Matchbooks 2

The Lancers and Servel Electrolux matchbooks are  3 3/8″ wide  x  4 1/8″ high.  Note how the back of the Lancers book folds out to make a stand.

Lancers matchbook

Servel-Electrolux matchbook

Rockefeller-Center-Roofs matchbook

Normandy-Farm-Watergate-Inn matchbook

The box below is copyright 1957.  Click on the photo to view a larger size.

Very-Important-Places matchbook

National-Bank-of-Commerce matchbook

Red-Coach matchbook

Port-O-Georgetown-restaurant matchbook

Old-Washington-Street-Station matchbook

Modern-Cleaners matchbook

Modern-Cleaners-green matchbook

Marge-and-Lee matchbook

The frog and the rooster are both  7 1/2″ wide and 8 1/2″ high.

Large-Frog matchbook

Large-Rooster matchbook

Roma-Steak-Restaurant matchbook

Savoy-Grill matchbook

Scottsbluff-Ice matchbook

Sheraton-Heathrow matchbook

Soda-Straw matchbook

The-Giraffe matchbook

This-is-the-Life matchbook

TWA-red matchbook

TWA-white matchbook

Twigs matchbook

Wellington-Court-Motel matchbook

Wheeler's matchbook

My favorite of the post:

The-Embers matchbook